Clinic Support

clinicWith Thoritech

Our technicians are highly-qualified professionals specialized in clinic industry IT solutions with comprehensive hardware and software knowledge. Our aim is to provide you with a reliable, stable, fast speed and optimized structured network solution so that you won’t worry about any IT problems and you can focus on your own businesses.

Fast Response – We offer both on-site and remote professional helpdesk services in no time troubleshooting any IT problems you met.

Data Security & Backup – We plan carefully to ensure 100% safe of your health informatics and you will enjoy the higher reliability, easy set-up and recover, reduced workload and greater security of your data and services.

System Recovery – Don’t worry about unexpected operations resulting in system settings change and loss. With our well-planned solutions, we will get you back to the previous smooth working systems as it used to be.

One-Stop Service 

We can help you with anything related to IT in your clinics such as phone, fax, printer, software, and network.

Contact us whenever you meet the problem and our friendly professionals will be ready to help you. We provide the free network performance test, hardware performance test and an accurate report together with proposed solutions.

Enjoy The Benefits of Electronic Health

We concern about our environment. Paperless is a brilliant environmental friendly solution.

If you are still in paper-based GP, Thoritech can help you with planning and getting rid of the space consuming physical storage, massive medical records, and unsecured data. We can help you choose your best Clinical Management System and related software. We offer excellent and solid IT services to assist you with professional advice and full stack solutions to satisfy all of your requirements.

Contact us to see how we can assist you.